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When our association began using Magnum Computer Services, our productivity began to climb…and it is still climbing. The stability and reliability of our network has remained at the highest level since Magnum began administration.
Tennessee Medical Association

We are a small office with a staff of four, and none of us is computer savvy.  We love being able to have a company who can respond quickly to our requests for assistance and offer suggestions that help us save money based on our specific needs.
Tennessee Trucking Association

Magnum understands that sometimes the computer world speaks a foreign language that most of us do not understand.  Not only do they provide us with the best Service and Advice, they also have the Patience to train us and help us to be a company on the cutting edge of Technology.
Carbine Company, Inc.

I would recommend Magnum Computer Services to everyone. Scot and his staff have always been prompt in all their services.  I don’t have to wait days to hear back from them.  Usually it is within 2 hours when I get a reply.  They don’t mind sending a tech out to help and each one is very knowledgeable and personable.  They don’t seem to mind if I ask questions that to me are very hard and it usually ends up simple. Their rates are also very affordable.
The Vision Center

We have worked with Scot Hutchinson and the staff from Magnum Computer services over 5 years.  Consistently, the services provided to us and to our customers have always been excellent.  Their knowledge of computers, operating systems, and network engineering is second to none.  Their staff has always been prompt and courteous in their responsiveness to our needs.  We highly recommend Magnum Computer Services to our existing and potential clients, knowing that the partnership with Magnum will always be a successful one.
Southern Medical Solutions

Magnum Computer Services is knowledgeable and capable of meeting all of our IT needs.  They are quick to respond and always very helpful.  They go above and beyond to help with our maintenance needs as well as other computer issues we may have.  We would highly recommend Magnum Computer Services to any future clients.
Millennium Medical Trust

It’s hard to find good technical support, or at least that was my experience before we began our relationship with Magnum Computer Services in 2008. In the past two years our needs have always been taken seriously and addressed promptly. I can count on good, sound advice, and they are more than willing to help us plan for our future needs. We appreciate the continuity of service that we receive. We have created great relationships with the technicians that help us each month. Seeing the same faces over such an extended period of time says a lot about an employer. Thank you Magnum for all your hard work!
Christ United Methodist Church