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A good computer preventive maintenance plan includes both the physical preventive computer maintenance as well as the maintaining of the software that runs on the computer. Magnum Computer Services provides low cost custom preventive maintenance solutions based on the specific size and needs or your organization at  monthly or quarterly time intervals.


Often times computer preventive maintenance is overlooked, which can cause computers to run slower and can also impose possible security risks to your organization as well as expose your clients personal information. We relate computer preventive maintenance to auto maintenance. If you simply wait until something goes wrong to get your fluids changed or your tires rotated, the cost can be far greater than being proactive and having these services performed at scheduled intervals. During our preventive maintenance visit, we perform hands on maintenance to every computer and server in your organization. This also allows us to detect potential issues that may be occurring or about to occur and get them resolved with less downtime and overall impact on your organization.


Our preventive maintenance solutions include the following services:


Hard Drive Service: Hard drive service will include testing the health and functionality of the drive as needed for which could potentially lead to drive failure and data loss, cleaning temporary files from the drive, removing unneeded and obsolete programs and program files, running scan disk on the drive as needed, running a drive defrag as needed.

Processor and Memory Service: Perform periodic stress testing of the memory and CPU processor using our state of the art tools to ensure that all components are functioning within the manufacturers recommended specifications.

Operating System Service: The operating system service will include gathering any and all updates for the specific operating system that you are running, and installing all critical updates after testing to ensure that the updates will not interfere with any of your mission critical software applications. Cleanup of temporary Internet files as well as verifying browser security. This service will also include the verification of security on the PC in accordance with the Microsoft standard.

Spyware Prevention Service: The spyware prevention service will include scanning for potential spyware and malware using our state of the art tools, identifying various spyware and malware programs that may be running on the computer, and safely removing them.

Virus Prevention Service: Verify that an industry recognized virus software is installed and functioning correctly, perform any updates that may be available, perform a full system scan periodically

Physical Machine Service: Clean the inside/outside of the computer case as needed, ensure proper functionality of cooling fans, ensure proper ventilation of the computer case.

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