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At Magnum Computer Services, we recognize that one of the greatest challenges faced by IT managers is locating and leveraging IT resources to fill the gaps in your current IT staff. Whether you have a list of upgrades or modifications that you know need to get done, but that you don’t have the staff to comfortably manage, or you have existing projects that you need to get completed, we can help you to meet all of your IT needs by working along side of your existing staff to get these the projects completed.

Additionally, Magnum Computer Services specializes in setting up an in-house helpdesk for your organization and staffing it with our experienced technicians or even a combination of your resources and ours. We provide software tracking of trouble tickets as well as a searchable knowledbase for your staff to use. Contracted helpdesk services keeps your IT staff from having to deal directly with end users on things such as answering the phones, responding to email, and basic troubleshooting. This allows your staff to stay focused on their goals, which improves productivity within your department and allows you to meet the technology goals of your company or organization more quickly.

Contact Magnum Computer Servicestoday by following the link or calling us at 615.596.0667 to see how we can help you with your IT Staff Supplementation needs.